Second repair MacBook Pro 2016

So my MacBook Pro was not working great, with frequent freezes when resuming from screen sleep, and failure to connect to WiFi when booting up with some device attached. See here. After countless calls and chats with the Apple support, and several manipulations including a re-install, I brought it to the Apple Store in Brussels for a repair.

I wasn’t out of the store yet that I noticed a faulty trackpad (it was stuck) and the laptop crashed several times on the reinstallation screen.

Practically every piece had been replaced however: screen, top case and motherboard. Everything is tied up/soldered/glued together so the Genius was not sure there was any original piece left. I am now pushing for a complete replacement, but every employee I’m talking to says they’re not authorised to take that decision.

It’s in for a repair. Again. Practically all pieces already changed. Let’s replace them.

Faulty trackpad
Resume from sleep freeze
WiFi issues

Totally unacceptable.

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