Is It Ok to Resell Your Data?

Feb 15, 2015

Amongst the options of my account, there’s a disturbing option labelled “Reselling of your data”.

Fortunately, it has been preselected to “no”. The accompanying text is eloquent:

“Our contract with ICANN requires that we sell our WHOIS database to any party that requests it. However, you have the right to refuse the sending of your personal data in such an event. Only click on YES and proceed to the next form if you accept that your personal data may be sold.”

I suspect they are contractually bound to ask for my consent, just in case I’d like to have my personal data sold to a third party against my own interest and without any financial compensation. If it’s the case, I love how handles the situation, with a clear and factual explanation.

The outcome remains however appalling.

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