MacBook Pro 2016 replaced after 2 failed repair attempts

Epilogue: after 2 failed repairs, the Apple Store in Brussels finally gave me a new MacBook Pro.

I have summarized my unpleasant journey with Apple in a video:

Epilogue - MBP replaced

Frequent freezes when resuming from screen sleep, and failure to connect to WiFi when booting up with some device attached. I brought it to the Apple Store in Brussels for a repair.A few days later, I went back to pick it up. I wasn’t out of the store yet that I noticed the trackpad was stuck, and the laptop crashed several times on the installation screen.

But they insisted they would repair it again…​ But couldn’t.

Lots of delays for the two repairs, Apple Store very hard to reach on the phone, and overall a very disappointing experience.

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But did you know, they offered me a slim case in compensation. Ahem.

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