Things that become more obvious during COVID-19 pandemic

Mar 24, 2020

2 mins read

  • Universal healthcare is not a luxury.

  • The job you supposedly could not do remotely can actually be done remotely.

  • Internet for all is not optional.

  • We do not live in an fair society. Things become even more unbalanced during a crisis.

  • Toilet papers have a special place in our homes.

  • Citizens should be empowered and become the primary decision makers.

  • Governments must be transparent.

  • Borders are obsolete.

  • We don’t need to work, produce and consume that much to live happily in a healthy society.

  • Many jobs are actually useless, if not harmful.

  • We need to invest more in science.

  • Schools and universities need to rethink how they teach.

  • Breathing clean air is not only nice, it’s vital.

  • Our global economy is flawed and fagile.

  • Underfunded judicial system needs to be taken care of and modernized.

  • Care homes for the eldery and specialized health institutions should not be managed as a cost to minimize.

  • A resilient and respectul economy should replace the old one.

  • A global collapse has been avoided so far, but we are sitting ducks.

  • We must take care of the environment.

  • Climate change needs to be addressed urgently.

  • Society should be based on well-being rather than on profit.

  • We need to be ready to make changes.

  • Acting now is already late, but still better than postponing.

  • We actually have the means to make our planet a better place for everyone.

We already knew most of it before the pandemic. It only becomes more obvious now. Make no mistake, most of this will be ignored and overlooked. But more and more people will realize the situation is not tenable and will be ready to accept vital changes.

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